Students are required to write an original essay (project) on any topic of their choice under the supervision of a lecturer in the department. 



    Academic Advising:

    The various level Coordinators are in-charge of handling Students' academic grievances and advising the students accordingly. Hence, the Students of the various Levels are called upon to liaise with their coordinators. However, should the "need arise; students can forward their grievances directly to the Departmental Advisory committee through the Secretary of the Department. 

    Students' Association

    There exists a Students' Association in the Department in the name of Nigerian Economic Students' Association (NESA). This Association is meant to foster cooperation among the Students in this Department and the greater world- at large, as well as boosting the wellbeing of the Students. A Staff member has. been assign,ed to work closely with this Association (NESA), Thus, all NESA activities are to .be conducted only after his prior approval. Where such activ'lties transcend the University Authorities, Community and campus, prior clearance must be obtained from the University Management through the Head of Department. Departmental decision making, at the end of every Semester the students will .GoJI ect course. evaluation forms from the'i;r .various Level Ceordinators or from Econometric Laboratory: There is also an Econometric Labqratory within the Department. This Laboratory is well equipped with computers and installed with SPSS, STATA, E-views. Students should make maximum use of the Laboratory especially for all their quantitative courses. Lecturers are available to guide the Students as. the need 

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